ATC Opnames 2013


26-12-2013 Lifeliner 4 to Hoogezand

19-12-2013 N800CA transplant flight

19-12-2013 Lifeliner 4 to Muntendam (training flight)

28-11-2013 SLAMMER24 emergency landing Leeuwarden AB

27-11-2013 SLAMMER11 weather recall

27-11-2013 FIST42 (RNLAF F-16) emergency landing at Leeuwarden AB

10-10-2013 Lifeliner 4 to Wapse (Drenthe)

08-10-2013 Lifeliner 4 to Ter Apel

05-10-2013 Lifeliner 4 and Lifeliner 3 to Orvelte (Drenthe)

03-10-2013 Lifeliner 4 to Oosterwolde (Friesland)

01-10-2013 Lifeliner 4 to Bourtange (Groningen)

AFP23 at Eelde airport

20-07-2013 Lifeliner 4 to Winschoten

Lifeliner 4 to Assen and back to UMCG

04-06-2013 CHRISTOPH26 (German air ambulance) to the hospital of Groningen

15-05-2013 ANVIL dogfight request SMACK

15-05-2013 ANVIL3 (RNLAF F-16) dogfight: “No No No No No!”

30-04-2013 KING 4ship and DIANA 2ship RTB Leeuwarden after flyby overhead Amsterdam city

30-04-2013 KING flight (12x F-16s) joining up overhead the Northsea

12-04-2013 PLF654 & PLF651 going around due to a dragshute on the runway (at Leeuwarden AB)

12-04-2013 FAF7330 going around due to brake failure indication (at Leeuwarden Air Base / EHLW)

26-03-2013 Lifeliner 1 scrambled to Terschelling

18-02-2013 AJ01 and AJ02 (2x RNLAF F-16) (Tango scramble) A/A refueling with the NAF63 (KDC-10

18-02-2013 KILLER01 (RNLAF F-16) PAN PAN PAN, engine issues, precautionary landing at Leeuwarden AB

09-02-2013 RESCUE WB and RESCUE PEDRO 02 to a mission near Schiermonnikoog

09-02-2013 KLM7472 test flight at Eelde airport

08-02-2013 KITTIWAKE134V (BMR134V) laatste keer op Eelde airport

07-02-2013 COBRA01 (RNLAF F-16) checking in with Bandbox

30-01-2013 POLICE03 to Eelde airport

26-01-2013 Transavia 798 (PH-HSA) in the go around at Eelde airport; diverting to Schiphol

13-01-2013 Lifeliner 4 to Tynaarlo

13-01-2013 KLM7051 at Eelde airport (test flight)

12-01-2013 KLM7472 at Eelde airport (Test flight)

03-01-2013 N800CA with a radiofailure, landing at Eelde airport

01-01-2013 Lifeliner 4 to Terschelling



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